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Más Partes del Cuerpo.

El pelo [PEH–loh] Photo by Pixabay  Filamentos compuestos de proteína que cubren la parte superior de la cabeza y otras partes de la piel. “Esa niña

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Introduction to Architecture

Architecture has always been a form of expression done with the combination of land and material, but its success comes with a sound understanding of the principles of building and design.

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The Basics of Electricity

Photo above by João Camargo By Naveen Devinda and D. A. Cullors (Contributing Authors) Electricity has been a revolutionary discovery for mankind and was developed

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What is Algebra?

Photo by Monstera from Pexels By Naveen Devinda (Contributing Author) Algebra is widely regarded as one of the three pillars of mathematics along with Geometry

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Tips for Studying Biology

Photo by Chokniti Khongchum from Pexels By F. Maryam (contributing author) Biology is quite interesting, but it does become overwhelming at sometimes. However, there should

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What is Geography?

Photo by Aaditya Arora from Pexels By Palwasha Khan (contributing author) The word geography was derived from Greek words. Geo means “Earth” while graphy means “description”, “study”,

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