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AssignmentsToGo is an online education community created by The Alpha Kani Project to promote academic, personal, and community development and success. Our platform not only provides a space for teaching and learning, but also for partnering with other educators, parent groups, academic institutions, corporations, municipal agencies, and civic organizations.

AssignmentsToGo approaches users holistically, positively, and effectively in order to provide the best online education community for high school students and their teachers.


We offer a safe online environment free of distraction that facilitates a focus on education. We help educators centralize their coursework, make learning more social and engaging, and give their students easy ways to demonstrate learning. 

We provide a vehicle to connect students with academic, community, and career resources such as mentoring, socio-emotional maintenance, and tutoring opportunities. Many of our features are offered at no cost to the instructor and are always free for students.

Let us help build your community your way.


We realize that not all of your students’ needs can be met by you, or your institution. So, The Alpha Kani Project is always seeking new partnerships to aide you and your learners to achieve their highest goals and become their best selves.

If your organization or business would like to help provide a product or service to learners or instructors, The Alpha Kani Project would like to partner with you.

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