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We are always here to assist you with anything you may need help with. If you need help using your Instructor Dashboard you can always go to our Dashboard tutorial here or see the available how-to options below.

Frequently Asked Forum Questions

1. How do I create a group?

  • The create new group link can be found under the “All Groups” icon, or under your user dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then follow the steps shown after clicking.

2. How do I edit my group’s information?

  • Click the “edit group” link at the top left of the group’s main page, then select the item you want to edit.

3. How do students find and join my group(s)?

  • You can give them the group link found in the address bar (when on the group’s main page).
  • They can find it in the All Groups menu found under “sections” in the main menu bar.
  • They can also search the group by name using the search icon at the top right of the main menu bar.
  • Once there they can click “Join group” or “Request Access,” depending on your group’s privacy setting.


Questions About the Instructor Dashboard

  1. How can I simplify the dashboard’s display?

  2. How do I set up a course?

  3. How do I add students to my course?

  4. How do I create a lesson?

  5. How can I embed something from another site (i.e. Google docs, etc.)?

  6. How do I create a quiz/ assignment?

  7. What kinds of questions can I make with the quiz builder?

  8. How can I use a quiz as an answer document for a worksheet?

  9. How do I share my quizzes and lessons with my students or followers?

  10. How can I share a quiz I’ve made with another instructor?


Misc. Questions

1. Do I have to create a course in order to make and share quizzes or lessons?

  • For quizzes, yes, because you won’t be able to see the grade results without doing so. However, lessons can be shared and read without being part of a course.
  • You can have a course that only has quizzes, or one with only lessons, but the course must exist.

2. Why does my lesson/ quiz say “Looks like you got lost” when I click the link?

  • This usually happens if your course, lesson, and quiz display settings are not the same. Make sure all the relevant material is uniformly in published (or “draft“) mode- not a mix of the two.
  • Make sure you are using an updated link. You may need to hit the update button again to see it.
  • Of course, links for material that has since been trashed will show this message as well.

3. How can I limit access to my course to approved students only?

  • You can simply password protect it using your course visibility settings, and only give the password to students who should have access to it.

4. What is the difference between an “open” and a “free” course?

  • An “open” course can be taken by anyone, whether they are a member of AssignmentsToGo or not. A “free” course is free to take but requires the user to have a registered account and they must click “take this course” to be enrolled.


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