Social groups with a purpose…

Social media doesn’t have to be toxic!

Students deserve online interaction that is positive, engaging, and purposeful- and our platform is just the place for that! Here you will be the creator of interactions and communities that are positive, practical, peaceful, and productive. We welcome and encourage non-academic groups on AssignmentsToGo to enrich the greater community. Whether it’s for sports, the arts, school/ university clubs, community organizations, or life skills group, we want to offer as many avenues for connection and growth as possible.

Avenues like…

  • School social clubs.
  • National Honor Society.
  • Community support groups.
  • Mentoring groups.
  • Youth groups.
  • Book club.
  • Writing club.
  • Study groups.
  • Science clubs.
  • Speech and debate.
  • Math clubs.
  • Foreign languages.
  • Volunteer club.
  • Environmental club.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship club.
  • Photography club.
  • History club.

We are dedicated to providing an online experience that is open, yet free of the noise you often find online, such as:

  • Politics.
  • Group harassment.
  • Lewd topics (sex, violence, drugs).
  • Bullying and arguing.

If it’s conflict-provoking and counterproductive, you won’t find it on AssignmentsToGo.


There is a world of innovation, fun, and enrichment to be created, so let’s start creating it!