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The Borg Queen

Jaime De Leon July 16, 2021

Star Trek First Contact & Star Trek Voyager

The Queen defined herself as: “I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg.” Although this suggested she was an individual within the Collective, while addressing Borg drones as “my drones”, she was not an individual. The purpose of the Queen was to bring order to chaos. (Star Trek: First Contact). In accordance with the Borg pursuit of perfection, a blending of the organic and synthetic, very little of her original humanoid form remained. Her face and upper torso were organic while the rest of her body, including her skull and spinal cord, were synthetic. Because of her disembodiment, she saw herself as the epitome of perfection.



nanite was a microscopic molecular machine, a form of nanotechnology. Nanites had a variety of uses, such as in medicine, to alter or manipulate the inside of living cells.