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Khan Noonien Singh

Jaime De Leon July 16, 2021

Star Trek: The Original Series & Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Khan Noonien Singh is a fictional character in the Star Trek science-fiction franchise. The character first appeared as the main antagonist in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Space Seed”, and was portrayed by Ricardo Montalbán, who reprised his role in the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Wikipedia


The Eugenics Wars were a series of conflicts that took place on Earth, focused on the Third World, from 1992 to 1996 with a total death toll of 30 million, although some historians think it was closer to 35 million. Yet another death toll listed in several history texts placed the wars’ total carnage at 37 million lives. The wars were viewed as “the first stage of World War III.” (ST referenceFederation: The First 150 YearsTNG movieFirst ContactENT episode: “Borderland“)

The wars involved the progeny of a genetic engineering project, who established themselves as supermen and attempted world domination. They were shadowy conflicts fought behind the scenes of current events, against elusive and conspiratorial enemies whose genetically engineered origins remained largely unknown to the general public. Most people were not even aware of the global struggle against the genetically enhanced “Augments“, seeing only scattered brush fire wars and random acts of terrorism. The Augments ended up fighting amongst themselves and were eventually overthrown due to their disunity.