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Commander Dolim

Jaime De Leon July 16, 2021

Star Trek Enterprise

Commander Dolim was a Xindi-Reptilian military officer and a high-ranking member of the Xindi Council. In that capacity, he provided a voice pushing for the swift and total destruction of the Human species. Dolim was cold and bloodthirsty and ruthless in his efforts. While conferring with fellow Council members regarding the deployment of the weapon designed to annihilate Earth, he voiced his intention of hunting down every Human settlement and refugee caravan, in an effort to ensure that no Humans survived the attack.


The Xindi (pronounced “ZIN-dee“) were six sentient species who evolved on the same planet in the Delphic Expanse, known as Xindus. The Xindi were comprised of primate, arboreal, reptilian, insectoid, aquatic, and avian sentient species that comprised the Xindi civilization.