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How to learn grammar.

DeMarcus Cullors August 5, 2021
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Grammar simply refers to the rules that explain how to properly convey what you mean. When you don’t get grammar right people either won’t understand you, or may misunderstand you. Fortunately, there are only three kinds of grammar rules really: spelling changes, order changes, and adding a word. Each of these changes can change the meaning of what you say.

For instance, in English:

  • Spelling changes can be used to make a noun plural, or make a verb go from from one tense to another tense.
    Cup -> Cups
    Dish -> Dishes
    Get -> Got
    Pull -> Pulled
  • Order changes can be used to make a statement into a question.
    You do know! -> Do you know?
    I am working today. -> Am I working today?
  • Adding a word can be used to make a statement negative, or it can make a verb future tense.
    I speak Quechua. -> I don’t speak Quechua.
    I eat pizza. -> I will eat pizza.

To summarize, when you change words you can change their meaning. Spanish has its own way of changing words to create different meanings, but, don’t worry, there is usually a pattern to each change. So once you notice those patterns you’ll get used to it.