About Us

AlphaKani is an education platform serving the educational needs of schools, tutors, business, and other clients. We seek to help instructors and tutors enhance their ability to organize and provide quality lessons- and to monetize them in the process if so desired.

What We Believe

Innovation is no longer an option, or something reserved for the highly educated, but rather a requirement for all people looking to thrive in the coming decades. Therefore, education can not end when the student leaves the classroom, nor should it be confined to the mandates of the classroom or the whims of institutions. There is no limit to what can be learned in the Information Age, and that, for the first time, students are now in control of not only what they learn, but how they learn it. We provide learners, whether formal or casual, with choices in the style and pace of their learning without sacrificing the needed structure and feedback that learning requires. However, we seek to remind others that learning for its own sake is a luxury- but learning to innovate and create our future is a necessity. Innovation is no longer an option.