About Us

About Us

We created Alpha Kani to serve the training needs of instructors of all types, whether they be school teachers, business trainers, or independent instructors. We seek to enhance your ability to organize and provide quality lessons by offering you useful tools to engage, educate, and mentor your learners.

There are lots of resources online these days, and it would be foolish to ignore them. However, oftentimes asking your students to keep up with all of those you use can be overwhelming. So instead of adding yet another site to keep up with, we add value to all that you currently use by helping you to combine everything into one place. Not only do we organize your tools, but you’ll have access to those we provide. With Alpha Kani, not only will your course be easier to organize and administer, but your learners will appreciate how straightforward and easy it will be to navigate.

What We Believe

In that past you might have been forgiven for thinking that innovation was optional, a luxury, or something reserved for the highly educated- certainly nothing for the average person to lose sleep over. We believe that those days are long gone. Therefore, education cannot end when the student leaves the classroom, nor should it be confined to it.

We agree that there is no limit to what can be learned in the Information Age, and that, for the first time, students are now in control of not only what they learn, but how and from whom they learn. Yet, with differing needs, preferences, and goals, in many ways the learners of today are not quite the same as those of generations past. Therefore, servicing them should not be. We seek to help instructors expand the style, quality, and pace of their material without sacrificing the needed structure and feedback that learning requires.


We realize that not all of your students’ needs can be met by you, or your institution. Therefore, Alpha Kani is always seeking partnerships to aide you and your learners to achieve their highest goals and become their best selves.


If you run an education organization or business, or would like to provide a product or service, Alpha Kani would like to partner with you.


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