About Alpha Kani


Alpha Kani was created to serve the training needs of instructors, trainers, and mentors. We seek to enhance your ability to organize and provide quality engagement, and to create communities that mentor and connect your learners.

We add value to all that you currently use by helping you to combine everything into one place. With Alpha Kani, not only will your course be easier to organize and administer, but your learners will appreciate how straightforward and easy it will be to navigate.


We realize that not all of your students’ needs can be met by you, or your institution. Therefore, Alpha Kani is always creating new avenues, and seeking partnerships to aide you and your learners to achieve their highest goals and become their best selves.

If your organization or business would like to help provide a product or service to learners or instructors, Alpha Kani would like to partner with you.

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